A brachiopod fauna of late Bathonian age recovered from the Kehailia Formation from Gebel Engabashi in northern Sinai consists of six species (two rhynchonellids and four terebratulids) referred to six genera, of which one genus and two species are new: Globirhynchia sphaerica (Cooper, 1989) new combination, Daghanirhynchia angulocostata Cooper, 1989, Ectyphoria sinaiensis new species, Cooperithyris circularis new genus and species, and new material: Avonothyris species A, and Ptyctothyris species A. The brachiopods described herein comprise a fauna located at the northern part of the Indo–African Faunal Realm within the Jurassic Ethiopian Province. They extend the geographic distribution of those taxa that show great affinity with the Jurassic brachiopod fauna of Saudi Arabia described by Cooper (1989). Differentiation of the endemic faunas that is so characteristic of many of these Ethiopian Province faunas is becoming more well-defined.

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