In contrast to the immense effort that has been put into the geological survey and stratigraphic study of the Neogene of Bocas del Toro region (Panama), little research has been done on the systematics of this region's rich gastropod assemblages. This is the first paper dealing primarily with the Bocas Neogene gastropod assemblages (Strombidae) since the pioneer work of Olsson (1922). Neogene strombid assemblages of the Dominican Republic have recently been reviewed and updated, and, therefore, the Strombidae are a suitable starting point for the revision of the gastropod assemblages from the Neogene of Bocas del Toro. Six species of Strombus are described, three of them new: S. acanthospira n. sp., S. pugiloides, S. gatunensis, S. elegantissimus n. sp., S. vermeiji n. sp. and S. cf. floridanus.

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