The majority of Changhsingian orthotetid brachiopod species from the Southern Alps were described by the end of the nineteenth century, but were then neglected by subsequent authors who proposed further new species, giving rise to great taxonomical confusion. An examination of type-specimens and newly collected material permits the consideration of Orthothetina ladina (Stache, 1878) and Ombonia tirolensis (Stache, 1878), type-species of Ombonia, as the only valid species and describe Teserina nerii as a new genus and species. The former two species are mostly located within a short stratigraphic interval, which is a few centimetres thick, limited by the trigger and peak of the end-Permian mass extinction. Teserina nerii n. gen. n. sp. occurs 2–3 m above the extinction peak and represents one of the last Permian rhynchonelliform brachiopod holdovers in the Southern Alps.

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