IN THE July issue of Journal of Paleontology, 84(4), Sánchez (2010) proposed the new genus name Emiliodonta for the Ordovician bivalve genus EmilianiaSánchez, 1999 because of assumed homonymy with Emiliania Hay and Mohler, 1967 (in Hay et al., 1967). The supposed senior name, the genus Emiliania Hay and Mohler, belongs to the coccolithophores, a group of unicellular eukaryotic algae, which have traditionally been treated as plants (e.g., Glaessner, 1945; Tappan, 1980; see also Green and Jordan, 1994; Andersen, 2004 for modern classification) and to which the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) applies. In the...

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