A well-preserved highly diverse radiolarian fauna was discovered from the Upper Permian Dalong Formation in Guangxi, South China. A new genus and 19 species are described in this paper. Zhuangodiscus n. gen. belongs to the Family Relindellidae Kozur and Möstler. The 19 species include eight new species (Albaillella bialata, Neoalbaillella camarata, Neoalbaillella cephalota, Zhuangodiscus biacanthus, Zhuangodiscus orthacanthus, Zhuangodiscus pentacanthus, Tetratormentum nandanensis, Octatormentum yaoi) and 11 undetermined species. A new radiolarian assemblage, Neoalbaillella camarata Assemblage is proposed, which is located at the upper part of Neoalbaillella optima Assemblage Zone, corresponds well with the Albaillella yaoi Zone.

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