The new genus Iberostomata (Bryozoa, Ptilodictyina) from the Cystoid Limestone Formation in the Iberian Chains (NE Spain) is here described and its phylogenetic relationships analyzed using cladistic methods. Twenty-eight identifying characters used in traditional systematics have been codified for nine ptilodictyine families, two timanodictyine families and 34 ptilodictyine genera. The results obtained in this analysis place the new genus Iberostomata and the genus Stellatodictya, traditionally included in the family Ptilodictyidae, in the family Rhinidictyidae, question the validity of the family Intraporidae, question the assignment of Amurodictya and Astrovidictya to the family Stictoporellidae, as well as the assignment of the genera Junggarotrypa, Goniotrypa, and Prophyllodictya to the family Rhinidictyidae, and place the family Phragmopheridae in a uncertain systematic position.

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