Five new species of Early Permian (late Sakmarian to Kungurian) colonial corals from eastern Nevada and southeastern California, one assigned to a new genus, are described and illustrated. These include Heintzella playfordi n. sp. from the Arcturus Formation in Nevada and the Darwin Canyon Formation in California, Paraheritschioides fergusonensis n. sp. from the Ferguson Mountain and Bird Spring formations in Nevada, and Wendoverella arca n. gen. and n. sp., Permastraea nevadensis n. sp., and Pararachnastraea moormanensis n. sp. from the Pequop Formation in eastern Nevada. These new taxa are distinct from all previously described species, but most are related to other species in the North American miogeocline. Wendoverella arca n. sp., however, is unlike any other species described from North America but is quite similar to a Russian species, indicating faunal communication between the Ural Mountains and the Cordilleran miogeocline at least into Artinskian time.

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