A diverse assemblage of Middle Cambrian sponges, recently collected from the Wheeler and Marjum Formations of western Millard County, Utah, includes a variety of demosponges and hexactinellids. This collection includes the verongiid Vauxia bellulaWalcott, 1920, and the protomonaxonids Choia carteri and Choia ridleyiWalcott, 1920, Hamptonia bowerbankiWalcott, 1920, and Hamptonia parva n. sp. Hexactinellids in the collection include the reticulosid protospongioids Diagoniella hindeiWalcott, 1920, and Diagoniella magna n. sp.; the dierespongioid hydnodictyid Valospongia? gigantusRigby, 1973; and the hintzespongioid Hintzespongia bilaminaRigby and Gutschick, 1976. A specimen of the problematic Sentinelia? dracoWalcott, 1920, is also documented as part of the collection.

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