The late history of edrioasteroids has come to light only in the last 40 yr. When the edrioasteroid chapter of the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology was published (Regnéll, 1966) the youngest known edrioasteroids were upper Mississippian (Chesterian). Since that time, a series of papers have described edrioasteroids in the Pennsylvanian (Fraunfelter and Utgaard, 1970; Bell, 1976; Sumrall, 1992; Sumrall and Bowsher, 1996; Sumrall et al., 2000, 2006). Pennsylvanian edrioasteroids now include nine species distributed among six genera, including one fauna bearing four genera (Sumrall et al., 2006). These edrioasteroids...

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