The genus LampropeltisFitzinger, 1843 (not Cope, 1860 contra Dengler, 2008) was originally erected to accomodate the Extant North American colubrid snake Coluber getulus Linnaeus, 1766, referring to the shiny appearance of its scales. Since then, the systematics of Lampropeltis has been widely revised but remains valid today (e.g., Cope, 1860; Blanchard, 1921; Blaney, 1977; Krysko and Judd, 2006). Later, Öpik (1867) proposed the genus name Lampropeltis for a Cambrian plethopeltid trilobite from Queensland, Australia, with Lampropeltis nitensÖpik, 1967 as the type species. As noted by Dengler (2008), the generic names LampropeltisFitzinger, 1843 and...

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