The discovery of new specimens and restudy of known collections resulted in revision of some members of the cladid crinoid family Cupressocrinitidae. “Cupressocrinites gracilis” is generically separated from Cupressocrinites whereby “Procupressocrinus” is resurrected from synonomy and assigned to the Cupressocrinitidae with C. gracilisGoldfuss, 1831 as the type species. Studies of the Sandberger collection presuppose the revision of “Abbreviatocrinites abbreviatus altus” (=A. altus n. comb.) and A. nodosus. Furthermore, the hitherto undetermined cupressocrinitids are described as Cupressocrinites ahuettensis n. sp. and Robustocrinites cataphractus n. sp. The event-controlled distribution of Robustocrinites is discussed and shows similarities to other crinoid genera within the Eifel region. Observed arm-regeneration in Robustocrinites, as well as the postmortem incurred ossicular-boring of an indeterminable organism and the skeletal-colonization by a trepostome bryozoan, are further observations of other pre- and postmortem ossicular modifications in cupressocrinitid skeletons.

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