The taxonomic status of the Lower Cretaceous non-marine ostracode genera Hourcqia Krömmelbein and Pattersoncypris Bate is discussed. From a detailed analysis of the type species of these genera, and several other species attributed to them, it was possible to conclude that both genera are invalid. Hourcqia africana Krömmelbein, the type species of this genus, has an antero-ventral beak, and it is in all other respects identical to Cypridea Bosquet, and therefore should be transferred to this genus. The subspecies originally referred to as Hourcqia africana confluensKrömmellbein and Weber, 1971 is subsumed within Cypridea africana. Secondly, the genus Pattersoncypris, as the result of a study of its type species, P. micropapillosa Bate, is shown to be a junior synonym of Harbinia Tsao. Both, Hourcqia and Pattersoncypris must therefore be suppressed. Cypridea africana (Krömmelbein) occurs in Brazil, Congo, and Gabon in strata deposited during the rift stage, restricted to the late Barremian to early Aptian interval. Harbinia micropapillosa (Bate) occurs in Brazil and Liberia, but it is restricted to the gulf stage, i.e. the late Aptian to early Albian interval. Amended diagnoses for the genus Cypridea and species Cypridea africana and H. micropapillosa are given.

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