From the Aseelah Unit (Saal Formation), Batain Coast (eastern Oman), 48 bryozoan species were described. Eight species of them are new: cystoporids Cystodictya angusta n. sp. and Sulcoretepora orientalis n. sp., trepostomid Ulrichotrypella omanica n. sp., rhabdomesids Streblotrypa (Streblotrypa) binodata n. sp., Rhabdomeson coniforme n. sp., R. latum n. sp., Orthopora punctata n. sp., and phyloporine Rhombocladia quasiminor n. sp. A new combination is erected: Streblotrypa (Strebloscopora) katoiSakagami, 2000 n. comb. Fifteen species are described in open nomenclature. The fauna shows mainly Lower to Middle Permian age, and paleobiogeographic connections to the Urals, southeast Asia and Australia.

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