The ceratopsian dinosaur genera DiceratopsLull, 1905 and MicroceratopsBohlin, 1953 are preoccupied by the Hymenoptera insects, DiceratopsFoerster, 1868 and MicroceratopsSeyrig, 1952, respectively. Therefore, the name of the ceratopsian dinosaur DiceratopsLull, 1905 from the Late Cretaceous of United States is a junior homonym of the hymenoptera DiceratopsFoerster, 1868. Diceratus n. gen. (Greek di = “two,” Greek ceratos = “horned”) is proposed as the replacement name of DiceratopsLull, 1905. Some workers have considered Diceratops synonymous with Triceratops (e.g., Dodson and Currie, 1990) but it was reinstated by Forster (1996) after analysis of...

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