The neritimorph gastropod genus Otostoma d'Archiac, 1859 (p. 871), with its hemispherical shell and typical axial ribs and lamellae, is a characteristic fossil in (sub)tropical, nearshore deposits of the late Early and Late Cretaceous ages (Saul and Squires, 1997; Kiel, 2002; Kiel et al., 2002; Bandel and Kiel, 2003). The genus survived Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary perturbations and appears to have become extinct during the Middle Eocene (Glibert, 1973; Saul and Squires, 1997). Its placement in the Neritimorpha Golikov and Starobogatov, 1975 is clear from its typical hemispherical shell and D-shaped inner lip...

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