Two Permian fusulinid faunas, including nine species belonging to six genera, from the northern Tengchong Block, Southwest China, are studied and compared with the coeval fusulinid faunas from other blocks with Gondwana-affinity and South China. In the Kongshuhe section, the fauna is dominated by Eoparafusulina in the lower part of the Dadongchang Formation and possibly suggests an age of Sakmarian, while in the Shanmutang section, the fauna from the middle of the Dadongchang Formation mainly consists of Chusenella mingguangensis n. sp. and Monodiexodina gigas n. sp., indicating a Wordian to Capitanian age. Study has also demonstrated that fusulinid faunas from the Tengchong Block shared similar features with the contemporary faunas from the Baoshan Block and Sibumasu Block in the low generic and specific diversities and the absence of the taxa commonly found in Cathaysia Tethys areas, such as the Pseudoschwagerinidae, Verbeekinidae, and Neoschwagerinidae. However, visible differences in species composition still exist between the faunas of the Tengchong Block and those of the other two blocks, revealing an apparent regional feature in the faunas of the Tengchong Block.

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