Sponges, along with scleractinian corals, are among the main reef-building organisms in Triassic reefs. Hypercalcified groups, including the chambered sphinctozoans, and the unchambered inozoans, chaetetids, and spongiomorphids, represent the most abundant Triassic reef-building sponges. Earlier workers have described elements of the latter group as “hydrozoans.” Hexactinellid sponges, abundant in some Permian reefs (e.g., in Texas, Finks, 1960), are rarely known from similar Triassic deposits, in general (Tichy, 1975), and particularly from Upper Triassic stratigraphic units. Hexactinellid sponges have been sporadically reported from well-investigated Upper Triassic reefs in the western Tethyan region (e.g., Keupp et al., 1989)....

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