The Pseudokoldinioidia Fauna is a newly documented uppermost Cambrian trilobite assemblage from the Dongjeom Formation of the Taebaek Group, Taebaeksan Basin, Korea. It is characterized by low species diversity comprising six trilobite taxa: Micragnostus chiushuensis, Koldinioidia typicalis, leiostegiid genus and species indeterminate, Pseudokoldinioidia perpetis, Onychopyge borealis, and pilekiid genus and species indeterminate. Of these, special attention has been paid to Pseudokoldinioidia perpetis, which was originally assigned to Missisquoia, an index fossil for the uppermost Cambrian in Laurentia. Pseudokoldinioidia is restricted to eastern Asia, whereas Missisquoia is confined to Laurentia. The appearance of the Pseudokoldinioidia Fauna is interpreted as contemporaneous with the base of the ‘Missisquoiaperpetis Zone of North China, which in turn is correlated with the base of the Missisquoia typicalis Subzone of Laurentia. The associated Koldinioidia and Onychopyge make it possible to compare the Pseudokoldinioidia Fauna of Korea and North China with the latest Cambrian trilobite assemblages of South China, Australia, South America, and Mexico, and also suggests an interesting biogeographic connection among these areas in the latest Cambrian.

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