A comprehensive treatment of Ordovician crinoids from southwestern Europe is presented, including taxa based on articulated crowns and stems. This summary incorporates new material, new localities, and a revision of some southwestern Europe occurrences. The first record of an Ordovician crinoid from Portugal, Delgadocrinus oportovinum n. gen. and sp., is reported, and this is the oldest known crinoid from the Iberian Peninsula (Arenigian/Oretanian boundary, early Darriwilian). Geographic and temporal ranges of several crinoids are revised from peri-Gondwanan areas in southwestern Europe and northern Africa or modified with new Iberian material. The Spanish range of Heviacrinus melendeziGil Cid et al., 1996 is extended down into the lower upper Oretanian, and Merocrinus millanaeAusich et al., 2002 is restricted to the upper lower Dobrotivian. The stratigraphic position of Ortsaecrinus cocaeGil Cid et al., 1999b is restricted to the early middle Berounian, and the range of Visocrinus castelliAusich et al., 2002 is restricted to the late middle Berounian (see Fig. 2). New topotype material of Morenacrinus silvaniAusich et al., 2002 is reported that furthers understanding of the occurrence this taxon, which was previously only positively known from the holotype.

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