Sphinctozoans are the most abundant hypercalcified sponge group within the Late Triassic shallow water carbonates of the Tethyan realm. They have been described from numerous localities of western Tethys (European region) and northern Tethys (Pamir Mountains), but relatively little is known about Triassic sphinctozoans and hypercalcified sponges from the southern and eastern areas of the Tethyan realm (Senowbari-Daryan and García-Bellido, 2002). The discovery of new, well-preserved sphinctozoan material is an important addition to knowledge of the sponge fauna of the region. Bernecker (1996) and Senowbari-Daryan et al. (1999) reported on some Late Triassic sphinctozoans and other hypercalcified sponges...

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