Lower Caradoc rhynchonelliformean brachiopods have been recovered from the uppermost part of the Postolonnec Formation and the base of the Kermeur Formation (Upper Aurelucian-lowermost Burrelian) below and above a significant oolitic ironstone bed in the Veryarc'h section, Armorican Massif, France. A new species, Tenuiseptorthis loii n. sp. and four species, Howellites sp., Drabovia pentagonomyaHavlíček, 1971, Tafilaltia destombesiHavlíček, 1970 and Triplesia cf. T. simplexHavlíček, 1971 are described. These brachiopod taxa confirm, at generic and specific level, the very close paleobiogeographic relationships existing within the North Gondwana Realm between the Armorican Massif, Spain, Portugal and North Africa during Late Ordovician time.

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