Taxa belonging to the Ceratoikiscidae are described in detail from two measured sections of Member C of the Cape Phillips Formation exposed along Rookery Creek, Cornwallis Island, Arctic Canada. The sections encompass uppermost Sheinwoodian (top lower Wenlock) to the base of the Gorstian (base Ludlow) and are dated by graptolites assigned to the Cyrtograptus perneriMonograptus opimus Zone (upper Sheinwoodian), the Cyrtograptus lundgreni Zone (lower Homerian), and the Colonograptus praedeubeliColonograptus deubeli Zone (upper Homerian). Radiolarians are found in great abundance throughout the lower Homerian, allowing for the establishment of the first appearance of the genus Helenifore Ormiston and Nazarov. Helenifore is emended to accommodate the Silurian species H. quadrispina n. sp. and H. speciosus (Furutani 1990). One new genus, Kappaforma, including the new species, K. insecta, is described, as is the new species H. quadrispina. Ceratoikiscum octapleura Renz and C. armiger Furutani are synonymized with C. lenoides Renz, and H. planus Umeda is synonymized with H. speciosus.

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