Since the 1960s, Chinese researchers have reported a series of bizarre paragastrioceratids associated with the endemic pseudohaloritids and/or kufengoceratins from the Permian Restricted-Sea area of Southeast China. They include AulacogastriocerasZhao and Zheng, 1977; “ParagastriocerascarinatumChao, 1965 (invalid name, =Chekiangoceras carinatumRuzhencev, 1974, type species of the genus ChekiangocerasRuzhencev, 1974); “ParagastriocerasdongwulienseZhao and Zheng, 1977; and NodogastriocerasMa and Li, 1998 (=YongpingocerasMa and Li, 1998; including “Paragastriocerasdongwuliense). All these taxa share the following characteristic features: 1) an eight-lobed paragastrioceratid suture; 2)...

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