The Horse Spring conodont succession in the Canning Basin replicates zones 6 through 13 of the thirteen-fold Frasnian zonation. Horse Spring, together with other Canning Basin sections, demonstrates the widespread application of the zonation. Furthermore, the recently formalized three-fold subdivision of Zone 13, which has been recognized in the Montagne Noire, Moroccan Meseta, and northern Ontario, is developed at Horse Spring and other Canning Basin sections.

The Canning Basin Frasnian is noteworthy for the high quality of preservation of the conodont faunas, the extremely low CAI values, and the abundance of elements in most collections. The emphasis in this paper is on the taxonomy of Frasnian Palmatolepis. Newly described species are: Palmatolepis beckeri, P. feisti, P. housei, P. klugi, P. nicolli, P. playfordi, P. uyenoi, and Polygnathus kirchgasseri. Complete and partial multielement apparatuses have been reconstructed for Palmatolepis playfordi and P. nicolli.

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