The Late Ordovician and Early Silurian conodont faunas of northeast Russia are described, based on 39 conodont-bearing samples collected from Kanyon, Padun, Tirekhtyakh, Maut, and lower Sandugan Formations at Mirny Creek and Ina River sections, Omulev Mountains. The faunas are represented by a total of 776 identifiable conodont specimens assigned to 35 species representing 25 genera, among which a new species, Periodon mirnyensis, is established. Based on graptolite zones at the same locality and other conodont faunas worldwide, the faunas are assigned to the Caradocian, early Ashgillian, late Ashigillian, early Llandovery, and late Llandovery. The Ordovician faunas belong to outer platform to upper slope facies with a North Atlantic Realm affinity; the Silurian faunas are from slope and basin facies. The conodont faunas are the first to be described from the Kolyma Terrane, which has an enigmatic paleogeographic position during the Early Paleozoic.

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