Proetid trilobites are described from three sections in two regions of southern Morocco. The sections are located at Jbel Gara el Zguilma (‘Zguilma’) and a neighboring section (‘near Zguilma’), near Foum Zguid; and at another locality (BD5) in the Ma'der Region, between the villages of bou Dib and Tazoulaït, near the town of Alnif. The trilobites described here are assigned to a proposed new genus, Timsaloproetus, with Cornuproetus (Sculptoproetus) haasiAlberti, 1971 as type species. Timsaloproetus haasi occurs in Eifelian strata of both Germany and Morocco (at BD5, and both of the sections near Foum Zguid). New Moroccan species of this genus are Timsaloproetus dibbanus and Timsaloproetus elguerrouji. The former occurs in upper Emsian strata at Zguilma, and the latter occurs in strata of early Eifelian age, with T. haasi, in both the Zguilma and near Zguilma sections.

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