Well-preserved Ordovician conodonts are described from a micritic limestone sequence exposed in the Satun area of southern peninsular Thailand. The faunas represented by these conodonts have North Atlantic Realm affinities and are identical to those reported from North Atlantic Middle to Upper Ordovician successions. Representative conodonts of some of these faunas have also been reported from South China. In ascending order, three conodont zones are discriminated in the Satun sequence: the Pygodus anserinus range Zone, the Baltoniodus sp. cf. B. variabilis range Zone, and the Hamarodus europaeus range Zone. Strata between the B. sp. cf. B. variabilis and H. europaeus zones are not zoned. The conodont-bearing limestone is thought to have been deposited on the continental margin of northeastern Gondwana. Sixteen species belonging to 12 conodont genera, and two unidentified coniform elements, are systematically investigated.

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