Catalogus Fossilium Austriae. Band 2. Echinoidea Neogenica. Andreas Kroh. 2005. Verlag der OĢˆsterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna, 210 p., 82 pls., pb. ISBN 3-7001-3491-6 (printed edition), ISBN 3-7001-3560-2 (online edition).

Many types of sea urchins fossilize well, with preservation of minute details. Fossil echinoids are therefore of great scientific value. From them, much can be learned about past environmental conditions, biogeography, and biodiversity. However, echinoids are also objects of great beauty, holding fascination at both macroscopic and microscopic inspection. In spite of the rather dry, ancient-sounding title, this book captures much of this scientific and aesthetic fascination. It is also...

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