Upper Paleozoic Cephalopoda of west-central Patagonia are revised, based on reexamination of all available specimens and of most localities in Chubut Province, Argentina. Nautiloidea Orthocerida are represented by Sueroceras irregulare Riccardi and Sabattini, S.? chubutense (Closs), Sueroceras sp., and Mooreoceras zalazarense Sabattini and Riccardi and Pseudorthoceratidae gen. and sp. indeterminate; Nautilida by Amosiceras reticulatum new genus and species; and Ammonoidea Goniatitida by Glaphyrites taboadai new species and Glaphyrites sp. This fauna belongs to the Cisuralian Sueroceras irregulare and Mooreoceras zalazarense assemblage zones.

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