Two new species of scutelluine styginid trilobites are described from Frasnian strata in the Virgin Hills Formation in the Canning Basin of Western Australia. They are placed in the genus Telopeltis n. gen., reflecting the fact that their final occurrence in the late Frasnian, up to the latest Frasnian Kellwasser extinction event, is the last known record of scutelluine trilobites. As such, it also represents the youngest record of the order Corynexochida. The two species, Telopeltis woodwardi n. sp. and Telopeltis microphthalmus n. sp., are unlike most other scutelluines in possessing extremely vaulted pygidia and showing trends to eye reduction. Such eye reduction is a common feature of late Frasnian trilobites. The characteristic morphological features of this small genus are indicative of evolution of this last scutelluine by paedomorphosis.

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