Six new species of fenestrate bryozoans, middle to late Wordian, occur in the Gerster Limestone of northeastern Nevada. These bryozoans are similar to lower Kazanian species described from the Russian Platform. The two species of Wjatkella and Polypora from the Gerster Limestone are much more similar to the Russian species than they are to the two species recently described from the allochthonous late Wordian Mission Argillite of northeastern Washington.

New species described from the Gerster Limestone are Rectifenestella cordiretiformis, Wjatkella hemiseptifera, Kingopora wardlawi, Kingopora inflata, Polypora keyserlingiformis, and Polyporella helgersoni. The presence of only six species of fenestrate bryozoans in nearly 260 m of limestone and siltstone is notable.

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