One new species of retiolitid, Gothograptus storchi, five new species of monograptids (Monograptus patulus, Monograptus glutiformis, Streptograptus galeus, Testograptus cubitus, and Monoclimacis capillus), and one new cyrtograptid, Cyrtograptus palmatus, are described from the lower Homerian lundgreni Biozone of Arctic Canada. The presence of a species of Gothograptus in the Cyrtograptus lundgreni Biozone of Arctic Canada is documented for the first time. Further, full-relief specimens of Cyrtograptus multiramis Törnquist? and C.? urbaneki Teller are described. Better and more completely preserved, isolated material of Sokolovograptus cf. S. parens Obut and Zaslavskaya, Pseudoplectograptus sagenus, Cometograptus apsis, C. nevadensis, Monograptus biglossa, Cyrtograptus hamatus, C. lundgreni, and C. radians, previously described in Lenz and Kozłowska-Dawidziuk (2001a), is also illustrated. The total global species diversity of the lundgreni Biozone thus approaches 50, making the subsequent extinction event even more profound.

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