This paper presents sponges from the Late Cretaceous El Rayo Formation, Puerto Rico. Siliceous sponges are common fossils in the Late Cretaceous of Europe (see for example Schrammen, 1910–1912; Moret, 1926; Weidenmayer, 1994; Pisera, 1999). So far only rare siliceous sponges from the Late Cretaceous of the Caribbean region have been reported: lithistid ?JereaLamouroux, 1821, hexactinellids VentriculitesMantell, 1822, and PlocoscyphiaReuss, 1846 from Trinidad (Thomas, 1935; Trechmann, 1935), and CallopegmaZittel, 1878 from the Cariblanco Formation, Puerto Rico (Howell, 1966). The sponges studied by us are...

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