Gastroliths (stomach stones) are frequently reported in association with plesiosaur remains, especially elasmosaurids (e.g., Brown, 1904; Williston, 1904; Welles and Bump, 1949; Darby and Ojakangas, 1980; Everhart, 2000; Cicimurri and Everhart, 2001). Stones are also known from several other fossil and modern aquatic vertebrates, including fishes (Dapples, 1938; Thomson, 1966; Trewin, 1986), penguins (Emery, 1963; Stonehouse, 1967; Boswall and MacIver, 1975), crocodilians (Cott, 1961; Neill, 1971; Keller and Schaal, 1992), and pinnipeds (Fleming, 1951; Mohr, 1963; Bryden, 1999)....

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