Eight new species of lichid trilobites representing five genera in three subfamilies, from the Avalanche Lake area of the southern Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada, are described. The subfamily Lichinae is represented by Dicranopeltis n. sp. and the subfamily Platylichinae by the early Llandovery Platylichas infimus n. sp. The subfamily Trochurinae is represented by six species belonging to four genera. These are Acanthopyge (Lobopyge) sp. (Wenlock), the earliest known species of the genus Acanthopyge and subgenus Acanthopyge (Lobopyge), A. (L.) pristina n. sp. from the Glyptograptus persculptus Zone in the latest Ordovician, Dicranogmus lepidus n. sp., D. wilsoni n. sp. (both Wenlock), Dicranogmus n. sp. (Llandovery), and Radiolichas guttatus n. sp. (Wenlock).

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