Doushantuo Fossils: Life on the Eve of Animal Radiation. Xun-lai Yuan, Shu-hai Xiao, Lei-ming Yin, Andrew H. Knoll, Chuan-ming Zhou and Xi-nan Mu, eds. 2002. The University of Science and Technology of China Press, Hefei, 171 p. (In Chinese, with English summary) ISBN 7-312-01399-6/Q.32.

The Neoproterozoic (1,000 ∼ 540 Ma) is a defining time in the history of eukaryote life: spiny acritarchs appeared in abundance, accompanied by a steadfast increase of macroscopic algae. Emergence of metazoan animals in the Neoproterozoic foreshadows a succession of crucial events in the history of early life: diversification of the Ediacaran organisms, and the Cambrian...

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