The genusCentroonoceras was proposed by Kobayashi (1934) for a Middle Ordovician cyrtoconic cephalopod from South Korea. The taxonomic position of Centroonoceras has remained ambiguous, however, due to insufficient documentation and illustration of its morphology. The type species, Centroonoceras tokunagai, was originally described by Kobayashi (1927) as a new taxon belonging to the family “Ooceratidae” of the order Oncocerida. When Kobayashi (1934) proposed Centroonoceras, he diagnosed the genus as an orthocerid cephalopod whose closest relationship was with SactorthocerasKobayashi, 1934. Flower (1946) later placed Centroonoceras in the family Sactorthoceratidae, an assignment followed by most subsequent workers,...

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