In addition to ammonoids and conodonts, the enigmatic and poorly understood “flat clams” belonging to the genera EnteropleuraKittl, 1912, DaonellaMojsisovics, 1874, HalobiaBronn, 1830, and MonotisBronn, 1830 have proven to be of biochronologic value through the Middle and Upper Triassic (e.g., Silberling and Nichols, 1982; Brack and Rieber, 1993; Campbell, 1994; McRoberts, 1997). These “flat clams,” many belonging to the family Halobiidae, can be extremely abundant in the marine Triassic rocks of the former Panthalassic Ocean and especially the Tethyan Seaway, where many of these species were first described. Their...

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