Disrupted conodont bedding plane assemblages are described from two laterally equivalent mudstone core samples of the Lower Mississippian upper shale member of the Bakken Formation in the subsurface of southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan. The core bedding plane conodont assemblage representing the bispathodid biofacies from southeastern Alberta (Locality 1) shows little evidence of winnowing. Thus, this assemblage, along with collections of discrete conodont elements, is a potential source of data for reconstructing paleoecology and taphonomy as well as for testing apparatus reconstructions. The assemblage representing the siphonodellid biofacies from the southwestern Saskatchewan core (Locality 2) shows evidence of a greater degree of breakage and winnowing of elements, making it less suitable as a source of data. Postmortem compaction of mudstones and processing methods also affect the preservation of the conodont elements, due to breakage along lines of fracture in the elements. An apparatus reconstruction is proposed for Prioniodina aff. P. curvidens.

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