A new genus and three new species of echinoids occur in several horizons of an echinoderm Lagerstätten in the Winchell Formation of north-central Texas. This occurrence is dominated by several thousand specimens of Archaeocidaris brownwoodensis new species, a medium-sized archaeocidarid with long, triangular, ornate spines. Another rare archaeocidarid, Archaeocidaris apheles n. sp., is a small, smooth-spined species. The second most abundant echinoid is Elliptechinus kiwiaster n. gen. and sp., an unusual elliptical lepidocentrid, which extends the range of lepidocentrids into the Pennsylvanian (Late Carboniferous). A fourth echinoid, an unidentified echinocystitid, is known from one disarticulated specimen and appears to be mostly composed of ambulacral plates of varying shape and size.

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