Posture, Locomotion, and Paleoecology of Pterosaurs. Sankar Chatterjee and R. J. Templin. 2004. The Geological Society of America, Special Paper 376, Boulder, Colorado, 64 + iv p. ISBN 0-8137-2376-0; Evolution and Palaeobiology of Pterosaurs. 2003. Eric Buffetaut and Jean-Michel Mazin, eds. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 217, London, 347 p. ISBN 1-8623-9143-2.

In the past year, two books about pterosaurs have been published: Posture, Locomotion, and Paleoecology of Pterosaurs by Chatterjee and Templin and Evolution and Palaeobiology of Pterosaurs edited by Buffetaut and Mazin. Although both books include broad coverage of the present knowledge of pterosaurs, they are very different...

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