Species of TrophonMontfort, 1810 are well known from Tertiary rocks exposed over a wide area of Patagonia. All nominal species referable to the genus were revised and, where necessary, synonymized. Valid species were redescribed and reillustrated, based on type material and additional material collected at other localities ranging from Península Valdés to south of the mouth of the Santa Cruz River (along the Atlantic coast of Patagonia) to Lake Pueyrredón (along the foothills of the Andes). Of the 17 nominal species, only six are considered valid, i.e., Trophon sowerbyi new name (replacement for Fusus patagonicusSowerby, 1846,in Darwin non d'Orbigny), Trophon santacruzensisIhering, 1897, Trophon camachoi new species, Trophon leanzaiBrunet, 1997, Trophon contortusBrunet, 1997, and Trophon inornatusPilsbry, 1897.

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