A large sample of excellently preserved ammonites from concretions concentrated at a single horizon near the base of the Macdougall Point Member of the Christopher Formation (Aptian–Albian age; Early Cretaceous) is the basis for recognizing a new species of the boreal ammonite genus Pseudogastroplites (P. draconensis). The dimorphic nature of the genus is established, two variants are recognized (P. draconensis var. robusta and P. draconensis var. gracile), and the generic diagnosis is emended. Retention of the genus PseudogastroplitesJeletzky, 1980 as distinct from GastroplitesMcLearn, 1930 is proposed. The concretions also yield Pseudopulchellia flexicostata (Imlay, 1961), inoceramid bivalves, fish remains, and a palynological flora, and are dated as late middle Albian.

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