Abundant and well-preserved radiolarians are reported from a limestone sample taken from near the town of Fojnica, southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. A late late Ladinian age is assigned to this sample based on the index species Spongoserrula fluegeli and Muelleritortis cochleata and associated radiolarian fauna.

As a result of taxonomic studies on the entactinarian and nassellarian fauna of this sample, three species (Pseudostylosphaera multispinata, P. oblonga, and P. procera) from the suborder Entactinaria, and 18 species (Bulbocyrtium cordeyi, B.? longobardicum, Goestlingella goricanae, G. pseudoillyrica, Monicasterix ornata, M. parvisegmentata, M. pulchra, Nabolella brevispinosa, N. crenulata, N. trispinata, Ladinocampe dinarica, Spinotriassocampe praecarnica, Pseudosaturniforma ladinica, Pararuesticyrtium coniformis, P.? sanfilippoae, Conospongocyrtis bragini, Castrum blomei, and Triassocyrtium longum) from the suborder Nassellaria are described as new. Moreover, the genus Pseudosaturniforma is emended based on the new materials.

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