As recognized by McKenna and Bell (1997), the family Palaeoryctidae (Mammalia: Eutheria) includes three genera, PalaeoryctesMatthew, 1913 (Paleocene and Eocene), AaptoryctesGingerich, 1982 (late Paleocene), and EoryctesThewissen and Gingerich, 1989 (early Eocene). Each is North American, although Palaeoryctes is said to occur in North Africa as well (Gheerbrant, 1992; however, the classification of the North African species as a palaeoryctid is almost certainly erroneous [personal observation]), and there are additional, ostensible records of palaeoryctids from Asia, Africa, and Europe that have yet to be described (McKenna and Bell, 1997). In spite of this...

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