The Shanglun Formation at the Shanglun locality contains a sinoleperditiine fauna of five species of which two are new [Sinoleperditia (Sinoleperditia) shanglunensis and Paramoelleritia (Paraleperditia) wangchengyuani] and one is left in open nomenclature because of inadequate materials. In this fauna, the ratio of the vertical height of the trailing chevron muscle scar to that of the adductor muscle scar (th:ah ratio) ranges from 0.85 to 0.95 with a mean value of 0.90. On the basis of the sinoleperditiines and a beyrichiid ostracode, the upper part of the Shanglun Formation is correlated with the middle-to-late early Emsian Moding Formation. The sinoleperditiines and microfacies analysis indicates that the sediments bearing the fauna were deposited in a low energy restricted carbonate platform environment.

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