A collection of 60,886 conodonts was recovered from 141 samples of the Outram, Skoki and Owen Creek Formations (Lower to Middle Ordovician) that outcrop through the Wilcox Pass section, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. This section represents the standard reference section for the Lower-Middle Ordovician of the Southern Canadian Cordillera. The well preserved fauna is assigned to 75 species representing 48 genera. The species are representative of both the Midcontinent and Atlantic faunal realms, but dominantly the former. Nine Midcontinent Realm zones are recognized in the upwards shallowing carbonate platform succession including the Scolopodus subrex, Acodus kechikaensis, Oepikodus communis, Jumudontus gananda, Tripodus laevis, Histiodella altifrons, Histiodella sinuosa, Histiodella holodentata, and Phragmoduspre-flexuosus” zones. Zones recognized that are characteristic of the Atlantic Realm include Paroistodus proteus, Paracordylodus gracilis, Oepikodus evae, Paroistodus originalis, and Microzarkodina flabellum. A new genus, Filodontus, is proposed for elements assigned previously to the form genus “Scolopodusfilosus. A new species, Leptochirognathus wilcoxi, is described and one new species, left in open nomenclature, is assigned to Rossodus?.

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