Hanger, R. A., R. D. Hoare, and E. E. Strong. 2000. Permian Polyplacophora, Rostroconchia, and problematica from Oregon. Journal of Paleontology, 74:192–198.


The sample location of the Coyote Butte Formation should read 119°47′11″W, 43°56′45″N, UTM 11TKU76376940.

Hoare, R. D., and B. Aghababalu. 2001. Large Devonian and Mississippian rostroconchs (Mollusca) from Iran. Journal of Paleontology, 75:1047–1051.


Gary Webster has kindly brought to my attention that the portion of the Hutk section near Kerman, Iran, from which the rostroconchs were collected, is Mississippian in age, not Devonian.

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