A new genus Ibergirhynchia, a member of the rhynchonellide superfamily Dimerelloidea, is described for the species Terebratula contrariaRoemer, 1850, from Early Carboniferous deposits of the Harz Mountains, Germany. Ibergirhynchia contraria is from a monospecific brachiopod limestone that formed on top of the drowned Devonian Iberg Reef which persisted as a seamount during Famennian and Early Carboniferous times. Ibergirhynchia contraria is considered a cold seep-related brachiopod based on this locality. Such seep associations have been observed for Mesozoic representatives of the rhynchonellide superfamily Dimerelloidea. Ibergirhynchia is considered the first Paleozoic representative of the family Rhynchonellinidae. Ibergirhynchia resembles Dzieduszyckia externally and may be derived from this dimerelloid.

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