Three new genera and six new species of shallow-marine gastropods are named from Upper Cretaceous strata found mainly in California. The trochids Cidarina cretacea new species and Cidarina beta new species, the ficid Bulbificopsis garza new genus and new species, and the cancellariid Mataxa arida new species are from the Maastrichtian part of the Moreno Formation of north-central California. This is the earliest record of Cidarina, whose previous chronologic range was middle Eocene to Recent. Bulbificopsis is the first record of a Cretaceous ficid from the Pacific slope of North America, and Mataxa was previously known only from Upper Cretaceous strata in the southeastern United States and northeastern Brazil. The buccinid Eripachya jalama new species and the fasciolariid Calkota daileyi new genus and new species are from the lower upper Campanian Jalama Formation in southern California. Calkota is also recognized herein as occurring in upper Maastrichtian strata of North Dakota and South Dakota. The new melongenid genus, Pentzia, established for Fulgur hilgardiWhite, 1889, is from Campanian strata throughout California; middle Campanian strata on Sucia Island, Washington; and upper Campanian to lower Maastrichtian strata in northern Baja California, Mexico.

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